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It's Our Nature

As a company, It’s Our Nature was birthed in the re-visioning needs of our times.

It is evolving out of "Earth's Echo," my soul's previous incarnation as a business. This work is not new, but the times are calling for us to invite more and more of us to awaken to the nature surrounding us and the nature that is inherent in our exquisite and absolutely unique personal design.

We focus on organizations, individuals and non-profits that are in the midst of transformation and growth, or are in need of that....we are here for those in pursuit of realizing the full potential of their distinct contribution to the world.

I invite you to join me to remember who you are and how befriending our nature brings a new sense of what profit and value are to the world. The innovative ideas and practices here will enrich your life and your community in unimaginably gorgeous ways. 


Our services include nature-based programs, one-on-one mentoring/coaching, and group facilitation offered in wilderness retreat settings, in your office,

or in the privacy of your home by phone or Zoom.


To awaken people to their purpose. We provide compassionate and creative support through programs, mentoring and facilitation.  With Nature as our guide, we accompany and support people in their journey of transformation that engenders the bringing of their unique gifts to the world.  


To promote a mindful return to our Nature …inwardly and outwardly.  We aspire to a healthy, balanced, abundant planet inhabited by authentic beings living on purpose and with respect to all Beings.



In alliance with other devoted and dedicated nature-based guides, we work collaboratively to cultivate a mature and soul-inspired world that cares for Earth and her beings.  

Together we promote wholeness and a return to soul-mindful living that enkindles Earth-consciousness, equality, justice, and authenticity amongst us as stewards of Earth and a future worth living.

We commit to doing this work with integrity, honesty, beauty, respect, compassion, and humility.



Through programs, mentoring, and group facilitation services, we accompany people on their transformational journey by guiding and teaching the principles and tools designed to realize their full potential:



Because my reach is wide and I love working with people from all walks of life and socioeconomic strata, I have a wide range of pricing structures that I invite you to place yourself in.


I have Corporate Rates as well as Private Rates and everything in between for mentoring/coaching, facilitation, and programs.


My intention in this pricing structure is to support and allow for a kind of sacred economics to find a place in my communities:

  • Those who have wealth and support in one area supporting others who have riches in other areas.

  • All of us working toward a common goal of mindful and abundant conscious equality

  • Trusting in the way of soul.  This surrender reminds us that we each embody an integral and brilliant piece to the puzzle of living a healthy and balanced world that feeds the home planet that we live upon.

Jade Sherer Delisa Myles soul guide


"Transformational Biomimicry"

I'm Jade.  I have been in the business of transformation and the study of how we echo earth and her beings for the majority of my life. Scientists now call this echoing "biomimicry" and there is an awakening there for many businesses.  My fascination and expertise are in the world of what I call "transformational biomimicry" . . . mimicking and finding guidance in the way of transforming that occurs in the natural world.   

In all aspects of nature, both in plants and animals, we see patterns and resonances of how we transform. It is not random. There is brilliance and great intelligence in the ways of nature.


Life has been doing this for 3.8 billion years so clearly it knows what it's doing. In this way, we have the security and the benefit of a great modeling for us to follow.


My heart has followed Nature's lead in so many aspects of my life and I have grown to trust it inherently as a guide. I invite you into this vast and elaborate classroom to move toward your own discovery of your perfect design and unique genius . . . brought to you by Nature!

I have a wealth of experience and a richness of co-guides who’ve been in this business for many years as well. Together, we guide others in the technology of change by way of Nature’s lead. The natural world teaches us and we offer what we’ve learned to you in experiential learning techniques, mentoring, and programs.

Delisa Myles transformation it's our nature
"Our work is to make ourselves visible in the world.
This is the soul's individual journey, and the
soul would much rather fail at its own life than succeed at someone else's."

~David Whyte
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