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When we look to the natural world and all of its successful and long lived systems, what we see is that again and again there is a pattern that is integral to the process of transformation and change.

I think of it as a natural technology of change...a biomimicry of transformation.


There is innovation and resilience inherent in the framework as a result of 3.8 billion years of testing.  What we see is that there are periods of dormancy, pausing, dreaming, gestation, hibernation, dismemberment and loss that are absolutely essential when it comes to evolving or lasting change.


Evolution is an essential and dynamic, relational system that is natural to our world. We as humans are asked to evolve along with the plants and animals and climate and everything. Especially now, some feel that a kind of conscious evolution is critical. Adaptation and innovation are paramount in the face of the kinds of problems we are facing now as global citizens.  Bringing awareness and motivation into this pattern of change dynamics, i.e. transformation, is one thing we can do to ignite evolution. So let’s turn to nature’s wisdom. It can teach us everything we need to know.

The cycles of change that we see in the natural world are what we see with humans in times of great transforming as well.  There is a basis of commonality in psycho-spiritual development that grew out of the fertile mythic world that also echoes this natural pattern. 


Many of us call this a descent into the underworld. Some create diagrams that are “U” shaped to describe this natural process of change, or the more feminine spiraling pattern or cycle.


The caterpillar, its time in the cocoon, and its reshaping into a butterfly are a perfect example in the animal world, as are seeds becoming plants in their world. This process pattern is everywhere . . . where a disorienting time of dismemberment actually leads you to something more than you were. 


Maybe you have experienced this kind of a pattern, or witnessed it in your family or community. Times when a divorce, a loss of a job or a loved one, a harrowing addiction or any other event that felt devastating actually led you to something so new and revelatory that you could never have imagined it prior to the change.  

Is it time now for you to intentionally enter such a journey

and say yes to your destiny? If so, I will be your guide.

Let's talk!  Contact me to schedule a free 20 minute consultation!

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