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~Earthwise Life Guiding~

~Soul-focused Mentoring~



We are not meant to walk our path alone.  

Guides, Mentors, and  Earthwise Elders 

have long been known to walk along side us,

sharing their Wisdom and radiating their Love as we find our way in life.


Whether we call it mentoring or personal guiding, the bottom line is that you now have an emotionally intimate cohort/companion with you on this mysterious path.  I will be by your side (at least technologically) as your move through the twists and turns of this journey, in times of celebration, seeming defeat, absolute bewilderment or doubt, amazing synchronicity, or even despair and grief.  I will listen attentively and hold your story, offer grounded and intuitive heartfelt mirroring, suggest next steps, and rejoice in each step you take. I will not abandon you.


I offer open ended mentoring or packages designed particularly to where you stand. Or perhaps you have a particular something in your life that you’d like to be witnessed in and guided through.


I know the terrain of the descent intimately, and it seems that many are there now...though you must wander there alone, a guide beside you can offer the deepest kind of support when you are feeling lost and alone.

Most of my clients do open-ended mentoring, varying from once a week to once a month.  I offer a sliding scale to work inside of.

Some possibilities to consider:

    "Living my Purpose into the world":

        Are you ready to birth your gifts into the world but unsure how...lets start together!


    "Pause Consort…Trusting the emptiness":

        An open ended guide to your never before seen sabbatical journey

    "Walking towards Elderhood": what is this path? We find out together.


    "Ceremonial Mentorships": 

        Are you considering marriage or already on your way to the altar? 

        Are you severing from a business position which means leaving an identity you are            attached to? 

        Are you divorcing or leaving a relationship?  


These big change times require radical self inquiry and are ideal times to enter into self-designed ceremony.  They are important times for honoring fully the moment you are in.  I offer unique ways for both partners to prepare for such commitments as marriage or divorce, or for you to address the loss of an identity.  Let’s talk.

    ** As well I am an ordained Universal Life Minister and am delighted to preside over the transitional ceremonies of your life!

"You see - in my day job - I'm a scientist. It's my job to not "buy" anything, to constantly question. And that's fine until you get onto the path of Soul, the door to the Underworld. At that point, all that good skepticism is good for is figuring out which Soul Guide you would trust with your life, and which you should run from. I've put dear Jade "to the test" since 2006. And I can tell you: she's solid. No airy-fairy bull... but instead loving, pragmatic, astute, compassionate, supportive, trustworthy, real. Downright scary, in fact, because... she'll go with you to where you need to go to find out who you are."  

                                       ~Susi Moser, Ph.D.: Social Scientist

"Most personal and executive coaching focuses solely on social and business structure, and how to navigate and manage ourselves in those processes. This is important work but only if you have yourself in order. Jade goes deeper to focusing first on the "what" and the "why", drawing on primal connections and deep wisdom to ensure we are equipped with the foundation we need to make choices that map to our values and to lead with integrity.  In our increasingly mechanized, distributed, and virtual age, it has never been more important to literally ground our thinking through deep inquiry and connection, a path Jade is uniquely skilled in helping the individual navigate. "   

                                                                        -Lisa M., Tech Founder & Entrepreneur 

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