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The ways of leadership and business are changing.  Many are asking what IS leadership and what is needed in these times of impossible uncertainty. In my facilitation, I underscore a move away from hierarchically-tiered, fear-based leadership, and toward a more

circular form of equality and equanimity, trusting the wisdom and unique genius

in each human in the circle…

considering that there is brilliance

in the vibrance of giving full accord

to all voices.  As well, in the move

towards a peer-based type of

supported leadership we take

people off the pedestal that

attracts rampant projection and

isolating separation, and invite

support and unity in its stead.
I am available to facilitate

council or inquiry circles for

groups, bringing nature-

based work into your business,

family or community, or other

custom groups where

alignment and vision build

vitality and 

possibility for all.

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