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Facing our age...



women only

April 16-20, 2019

Limited to 12 women

photo by Delisa Myles

“This retreat series is so powerful, I’m a devoted returnee!  The work has supported me through professional transitions and considerations of my next phases of life.”

~Dawn M.

Elders abound in the natural world as ecosystem, plant, animal, stone, cloud.  When we return to the psyche of earth...the soul, we remember our belonging. Here we so naturally can return to our own bodies and its changing rhythms, its aging landscapes, its eroding river canyons and flood plains filling with silt, its tidal oceanic flows, and arrive at wisdom and acceptance for who we are as aging creatures. Here we can find teachers to show us the way to face our age.

As the velocity of human life increases recklessly we face a climate that is warming dangerously, blatant disregard for life, a political system that is rampantly degrading and so many more atrocities. Who do we look to for guidance?  For so many modern day cultures, the true wise elders seem to have disappeared so how can we find the answers necessary to face these times?  My answer? We must retrieve our soulful wisdom and grow ourselves into elders...together we must listen without distraction and return to the brilliance of our inner and outer nature in order to find our way forward. It is in coming together and seeing ourselves in the mirror and wisdom of others, that we will find our way to wise elderhood, and gain a way to face our age.

"The Old Ones say that the women will lead the healing among the tribes. Inside them are the powers of love and strength, given to them by the Moon and the Earth....                          ~Native American Wisdom

Yes there is still room for you and we'd love to welcome your reflection and wisdom into our circle!


Juniper Well Ranch

Skull Valley, AZ

April 16-20, 2019

is the first program in our series, but you are not obligated to come for more than one...we do encourage you to come to all three if you can, but if not, your presence will be a gift whenever you choose to come.

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Please give Jade a holler if you want to register so you two can make sure its a go!

There is a $250 non-refundable deposit for each program you want to register for, to hold your place.

You can either mail a check to the address in the footer or use PayPal or Venmo.  We ask that you either add 3% to cover their fees or use the "friends and family" option to avoid those charges.

Please use this email: Jade@itsournature.net for Paypal!


“I want to feel both the beauty and the pain of the age we are living in. I want to survive my life without becoming numb. I want to speak and comprehend words of wounding without having these words become the landscape where I dwell. I want to possess a light touch that can elevate darkness to the realm of stars.” 
― Terry Tempest Williams, When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice


Jade Sherer

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