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A Soulfire Murmuration
An Inter-generational Retreat for
Women of the Earth

September 11-15, 2024
at Eco-Dharma Rocky Mnt. Retreat Center

Starling Roost in winter in Scotland.jpg

Have you ever marveled at the murmuration of black birds at dusk?

Wheeling in creative circles . . . murmuring in raucous cries.
Massing in tight bundles of energy but never colliding . . . dropping down suddenly to land. Who is leading these death-defying acrobatic choices?
Where does the communal inspiration to change direction come from?

We gaze in mesmerizing wonder, sensing spectacular freedom.
We as women long to experience such intuitive and instinctual connection and collaboration.
   Join us in creating a murmuration in our unity.
We will seek to grow our individual and collective strength....
discovering an emergent wisdom so needed in the world.




WHEN: September 11-15, 2024. Retreat starts Wed. Sept 11th at 5pm and ends Sun. Sept 15th at 1pm

WHO: You who are working on behalf of the Greater Community of Earth are called to join us as a ‘murmuration of community’. To fly together in mountain splendor. To wail in grief for the suffering we know, and to find inspiration in the creative depths of our unique soul-fired essence. Bring your learnings, your longings, your grief, and your stories to a woman’s circle for all ages. We will fan that sacred fire that Mother Earth continues to birth from within us.

This retreat is intentionally intergenerational – for all persons who identify as women and are being taught by Mother Nature about your true essence and identity as a relational way of belonging to Earth community.

We are calling you personally back to the circle – particularly to those of you who have experienced our SoulFire or other nature-based retreats and who long for more opportunity to listen deeply into the land in community.

Studies of murmuration have shown that a single starling responds to seven of its closest neighbors. So - consider coming in two’s and three’s, with those whom you share a common vision for change in your local communities - especially youngers and olders learning together as an intergenerational team.

WHERE: Rocky Mountain Ecodharma Retreat is a haven for your soul journey. With meadows and forests, streams, and rocky outcroppings, we will share and ‘wheel’ in the wisdom of Earth’s teachers and each other’s soul-based experiences.

HOW: Our time will be together in large groups, small groups, and much solitary wandering (24 hours will be set aside for a solo time on the land.) Camping, shared indoor housing and a few private rooms available. Healthy vegetarian meals provided.
Together we will co-create a trustworthy circle in which we can listen beyond human conversation to the dream of Earth, learn from our Ancestors who still speak, and stir up beauty and movement on behalf of our local communities.



 1)Your choice of housing plus all food (delicious vegetarian fare) for 4 days:  Wide choice of lodging - camping beside the stream, glamping tent under lodge, shared or single rooms: $380 - $630. Decision made at registration with RMERC.


2) Your experienced guides, Carol Kortsch and Jade Sherer are not charging in advance for our work in preparing and guiding this program. Please prepare to bring a ‘dana’ offering; a conscious, generous financial gift of reciprocity for your guides in the spirit of the gift economy. This will be collected on the last day of the program. 

REGISTRATION: Initially, we are offering this as an “invitation-only” retreat to those of you we know have been part of our previous programs or engaging in mentoring. Please register by March 1, with this application. This retreat will fill (24 women), so we strongly encourage you to apply now. On March 1st the invitation for the retreat will be posted publicly on the RMERC website.

This is the dance we remember
in our own cells—how to walk through
the densest city streets, how to weave
in and out of bewildering crowds,

      how to navigate cold empty hallways
     to find contact, and unfold the flowers
     of our hands to the most brutal desecrations.
     This is a most primary sense remembered—

          kinesthetic, relational—each sovereignty
          quickened by the other, each one held
          by the many in a glittering web—
         not isolated bodies, lost

               but a fluid organism, a sea of wings
                 pulsing on currents, inking the sky
                    with this primal wordless song.

                                                             ©Laura Weaver

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