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So many of us forget or never really trusted that we have a subterranean treasure chest of gold inside. As we grow older our yearning to dive deep to retrieve and use the wisdom can falter in the wake of a culture who has not fully valued women nor elders.  Inside our hearts, our psyches, our bodies, is a reservoir of riches that needs to be remembered and used. This is not a time of falling asleep, but of awakening to give ourselves to a world that desperately needs women to rise.

Join us for ….

Into the Gold:
Gathering Seeds for our Future
~for women age 50 and older

October 25-29, 2017 at Juniper Well Ranch in Skull Valley, Arizona














A very long time ago, women's wisdom and voice went underground, and with it went a connection to the sacred in Earth, in body, in plants and in animals. The mutual respect and communion that held things in a healthy balance then began to falter and separation found ground. 

A great hidden vault of riches lies dormant inside us. Like seed libraries of great diversity and intelligence, the wisdom within women needs to be remembered and reclaimed.... consciously planted in us again so it can nourish and guide a world in need of our particular quality of feminine wisdom!

Revolution is in the air and women are mustering their courage and voice, and are gathering! This is a very personal and internal moment of coming together, as well as a collective one.  The reclamation of the feminine is being called forth on every frontier...change is mandatory.  After eons of being paralyzed in the tension of competition and belittlement, it is now our time for women to support and encourage one another stand shoulder to look in each others listen deeply and find our own stable voice....and to sanctify again the storehouse of feminine wisdom within and usher it forward in each other.

Through time of quiet reflection, communing with Nature, movement and listening, we will do just that...remember our very particular and essential place in this time. 

Jade and Delisa will guide and facilitate poignant experiences of movement, body-centered awareness, nature communion, mutual mirroring, council and supported space for dialogues and inquiry to send us forward!


GUIDES:  Jade Sherer and Delisa Myles

DATES:    Begin at 3pm on Wed. October 25 and complete by 1pm on Sunday, Oct. 29, 2017.

              Please arrange your travel so that you will be there before start time and can stay until we are complete!

COST:     $595 includes breakfasts, dinners.

         -- Depending on whether you choose to camp or sleep in a room, an accommodation fee of $200-$500 will be charged.
          -- Participants will be responsible for bringing their own lunches, drinks and snacks.  W
e ask that participants assist in meal prep and clean up.


**A $200 non-refundable deposit will hold your place! Please know that these retreats have been filling fast!


                                                                                     ***We have a small scholarship                                                                                                      fund to support those who are                                                                                                    drawn but do not have funding to                                                                                                cover the fees. Please talk with us.




Delisa Myles Into the Gold Nature Moving Women
Nature Moving Women Jade Sherer soul

One participant in a past program had this to say about to us; "You two are incredible collaborators...Nature Moving Women one of the most profoundly nourishing events of my life. I only hope you will do it again!" ~Anita Smith

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