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"Cherish this Body, Earth"

At Mar de Jade Retreat Center

Chacala, Mexico

November 27 - December 4, 2021
















It was from a dream that this program arrived, during a powerful time in my life.  It came as if on a wave, just as I woke.  I saw the words embroidered with colorful thread, and felt the words full upon my tongue. It said to me, "Cherish this body, Earth".  Soon after I was made aware of this wellness center named

Sea of Jade, and I knew they were meant to be together. 

There is nothing quite like being at a shoreline, where tide embraces the land, that can invite the body and emotions to let go and the mind to settle and still.  In this time of over busy lives and anxious responses to the world’s political currency, our nervous systems and souls are hungry for the wealth inherent in stillness, tide, wild nature and the largess of soulful pondering. 


Imagine giving yourself the vacation of a lifetime WITH the nourishment of a soulful dive at the same time.

As I have witnessed myself in recent months, and listened to others, I hear an exacting cry to shift into a different way of being..of knowing ourselves and what gets in our ways. The need to refresh and surrender and ask essential questions is absolutely crucial as we are in a time of rapid evolution and peril. Lets get conscious about it. When we slow, listen deeply, and take time to inquire, with our body and nature in the lead, we remember how to live and what matters.

Though this has all the qualities of simply a gorgeous vacation, what we know is that it is critical work...perhaps even the backbone of our survival. We must S L O W down and take space...breathing presence into our life.  It is in this demanding work, where true healing occurs.

 At 'Cherish' the foundational thread is to learn what it means to cherish from inside spaciousness...

cherish ourselves and earth. 

What does that word mean to you? 

From there our days will flow from rest, into amazing movement invitations, into organic healthy foods to nourish, into unbelievable colors in sky and water, into more rest, abundant flora and fauna, quiet, deep sharing councils, mesmerizing dreamwork, the beckons of guided meditations, and an nudging to be in dialogue with the more than human world….  all with plenty of space built in.


So many of us are seeking a mindful response to these times. Could it be that a time out and away from our life's daily demands and time to literally dive into the depths of a sea of wisdom, might be essential for our bodies and hearts to find soulful ground to walk forward from?


Say yes to yourSelf and to joining Jade Sherer and Delisa Myles 

Cherish this Body, Earth

in Chacala, Mexico, north of Puerto Vallarta.

You will be registering with us for the guide portion of the event, and directly with Mar de Jade, for your accommodations and meals.

Please know that a deposit is required for each part of the registration process. Here is an explanation for Jade de Mar's cancellation policy.

Ours is simply that your $250 non-refundable deposit is due directly to Jade and is refundable only if we cancel the program. This deposit can be paid by check, Paypal, or Venmo. 


The sooner you register, the more room type options you will have!!



EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!! If you register with me and Mar de Jade by May 1 you can receive a $75 discount!


COST:     $1000 guide fee PLUS the cost of the retreat center. Here you will find the room and board options. 

              This beautiful wellness resort appeared before me and I felt it was a match made in heaven. Their                    prices are per person according to your room choice and includes 3 wonderful meals of fresh                          organic healthy food, plus beautiful movement studios, and so much more.  Your flights to and from                  Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and your travel to Mar de Jade is NOT included.

              As well, optional adventures, spa treatments, gratuities or smoothies and other goodies are at your                  own cost.


DETAILS:  You will need to arrive in Puerto Vallarta Mexico by mid-day on November 27, 2021 and can fly                    out on December 4. We will have 7 days and nights at Mar de Jade. You will need to register                        directly with the retreat center for your room and board, and can pay Jade directly for the guide fee.

              Please read Mar de Jade's cancellation policy very carefully. That is between you and them.

              A $250 non-refundable deposit is due for the guide fee. Email Jade here to find out more.


CONNECT: If you are new to Jade and Delisa's work, please email Jade before registering for a                   check in so that we both can be sure that this program is a good fit for you! 

PROTOCOL:  Of course your guides are watchful around Covid and travel, researching the very                     safest ways to gather for such a program.  As well, Mar de Jade has wise guidelines in                   place for how to serve their visitors in a safe and relaxed way.  Delisa and I will be                         watching and listening as the months roll on and will ask that certain safety measures be                   agreed to in order to offer all of us as much ease as possible when we come together.                     We will update things here soon but you can know we'll be supporting the Mar de Jade                   protocol.

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