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Jim Marsden is a wilderness guide, executive coach, and facilitator of organizational development for start-up businesses and organizations of all types. His specific area of expertise is in the human experience of transformative change in which our underlying center of gravity and sense of identity lets go of the old and gives way to the new - from which we then begin our next part of living and step further into our own artistry. His work has been in many contexts including start-ups, corporations, education systems, health care, government, conducted within board rooms, startup floor space, wild backwoods, majestic mountaintops and desert canyons. Jim holds a Masters in Organizational Management, holds degrees in engineering and physics and is a senior coach and L&D specialist at Reboot. Jim lives with his wife in Boulder, CO and has two wonderful daughters who are making their mark in the world.



Joyce Harvey-Morgan has numerous academic degrees, extensive training in a range of areas (counseling, trauma, leadership, group process, nature-based soulwork) and much professional experience. While all this informs and grounds her work with death and dying, the core of her work comes from her lifelong love affair with the natural world, her intuitive connection with nature-based soulwork and a directive from her soul. She is a wanderer, explorer and creator in both the literal and metaphorical worlds. Her passion is leading workshops like this, helping others to dive deeply to explore the full circle of life, in the heart of the wilderness, using all of our gifts—including dreams, emotions and the creative arts. Joyce leads the Boise, ID Death Café movement and teaches classes/gives presentations on conscious dying. 

Peter Scanlan was a clinical psychologist in private practice for 34 years in Nashville, Tennessee. He trained with Animas Valley Institute and with School of Lost Borders as a vision quest guide and was a lead guide for the Animas Valley Institute for 16 years. He works to facilitate the trans- formation of personal story into the mytho-poetic story that each of us inhabits. He is dedicated to guiding people to the edge of the deepest mysteries, holding sacred space while they plunge into those depths, and then honoring the unique power and truth of the stories that they bring back from those journeys. He brings heart presence and a playful spirit to his work.




"You see - in my day job - I'm a scientist. It's my job to not "buy" anything, to constantly question. And that's fine until you get onto the path of Soul, the door to the Underworld. At that point, all that good skepticism is good for is figuring out which Soul Guide you would trust with your life, and which you should run from. I've put dear Jade "to the test" since 2006. And I can tell you: she's solid. No airy-fairy bull... but instead loving, pragmatic, astute, compassionate, supportive, trustworthy, real. Downright scary, in fact, because... she'll go with you to where you need to go to find out who you are."  

~Susi Moser, Ph.D.: Social Scientist

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