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Feeding women's soul through Nature and movement.

Jade Sherer feminine Nature Moving Women


Sisters…close your eyes and listen. 

Can you hear it?


You are not meant to live imprisoned and silent.


When your bare feet meet earth’s soil,

what wisdom begins to move in your veins?



At Nature Moving Women we offer dynamic programs for women who know that their bodies are vehicles for great wisdom and that movement and time spent in nature are provocateurs for soul. In residential retreats placed in beauty and wildness we invite women into quiet reflection, communing with Nature, movement and listening. Co-founders, Jade and Delisa guide and facilitate poignant experiences of movement, body-centered awareness, nature communion, mutual mirroring, council and supported space for dialogues and inquiry to invite women towards their own particular and essential place in these times.

We know there is complexity in being a woman in today’s world. Navigating the territories of a world that was built essentially from a masculine dominated paradigm can leave women lost in trying to emulate males or to fit into their world while diminishing or neglecting the more feminine attributes of who women truly are. All humans must come to know both their masculine and feminine ways...they are not only pertinent but essential to our wholeness.

The Feminine heart is responsive and is awakening in courage to these times that are in desperate need of compassion and intuition, and the tending that only an open heart can give.

Women are beginning to sniff around the boundaries of what the domesticated version of  the feminine has been and questioning it. With our paws padding silently in the amnesia dust, leaving barely perceptible tracks and our tails tucked obediently under our skirts, we are sensing a wilder way of being that has long been underground. We are recognizing this as our own.  An incredibly potent howl is welling up in our rounding bellies and we notice the first hints of claws pushing out of our toes.  The feminine was never meant to be captive…jailed, silent, contained.

We are nature. It is our nature to move according to our sensual heart…

to be directed by the secrets of our bodies…

to be encompassed and moved by the intelligence of nature’s wild force.

It is time to let our bodies remember.

Delisa Myles Nature Moving Women

Delisa Myles

Jade Sherer Delisa Myles It's Our Nature
Jade Sherer Nature Moving Women

Jade Sherer

Something is changing in the world. Women from around the world are beginning an uprising greater than any seen in this country’s history. Women are taking a stand, finding their voice, and trusting in their own power like never before. It is an exciting and instrumental time in the fight for equality and justice.


Nature Moving Women programs are riding the lip of a timely wave especially in Jade and Delisa’s programs for women age 50 and over. Jade Sherer and Delisa Myles founded Nature Moving Women in 2006 and are thrilled now to see how this work with women in Nature and through movement is touching a nerve of a longing for passionate involvement and authentic committed service.


As co-founders, Jade and Delisa took their own expertise and combined them in programs designed for women to both root and rise in. Jade has long been a nature-based soul guide and Delisa has taught dance to all ages over decades.  In the nature that surrounds us as well as the nature that we are, we are offered mirrors to our most poignant genius . . .this reflects our most specialized and authentic way of gifting the world….which, by the way, the world needs desperately now.

"Jade's years of experience listening to so many people's stories comes across in her guiding in the form of calmness and an air of confident competence.  I felt so well held, my story deeply heard and respected.  Your loving presence, wisdom, and sense of humor is really wonderful to receive.  You really helped me to hear my own story and reinforced my own inner guidance." ~ Depth Psychologist

soul opening into the gold jade

“The connections between and among women are the most feared, and the most problematic, and the most potentially

transforming force on the planet.”

                                      ~ Adrienne Rich

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