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"Mind in the Waters:

Conversations in Stillness"

Years ago while living in Hawaii, I had the life-changing privilege of swimming with whales in deep ocean. Later
I swam numerous times with dolphins. I was forever changed by my exchange with their benevolent presence. Now I find myself lucky enough to offer you an experience of intimate engagement with these families of underwater creatures….











March 2 ~ 8, 2019

"A Numinous Dive into Dreams and Stillness"



in the Loreto National Marine Park in the Sea of Cortez, Mexico

Souls speak in poetry, image and gorgeously through the mirror of the natural world.  In this time of over busy lives and anxious responses to the world’s political currency, our nervous systems and souls are hungry for the wealth inherent in stillness, water, wild nature and the largess of the cetacean community. 


Imagine giving yourself the vacation of a lifetime WITH the nourishment of a soulful dive at the same time.

I have opened this adventure again to men and women. My aim is to create a field, in partnership with the waters, the islands and Sea Trek, that will support deep nourishment as we voyage into the non-ordinary field, including time with our bodies active and in engagement with the elements, meditation time, silence, wandering in dream territory and dynamic conversations that invite mystery.

Exit your aircraft and enter the Sea of Cortez with its richness of whales, turtles, dolphins, fish and more in a kayak…paddle quietly with others and an experienced guide a short distance to an island camp where you will find your tent set up, shade shelters awaiting you, coolers of ice cold drinks and beautiful food waiting for you. From there our days will flow from one amazing invitation into the next with unbelievable colors in sky and water, abundant flora and fauna, deep sharing councils, dreamwork, guided meditations, and an urging to be in dialogue with the more than human world….especially these luminous underwater mammals that can guide us in our lives.  


So many of us are seeking a mindful response to these times. Could it be that a time out and away from our life's daily demands and time to literally dive into the depths of a sea of wisdom, might be essential for our bodies and hearts to find soulful ground to walk forward from?


Say yes to joining soul guide, Jade Sherer and a fabulous guide team from Sea Trek in Baja California in  March 2019 for a week of astounding nourishment and soulful unfolding.  In order to secure our week with Sea Trek in the Loreto National Marine Park, I need to hear from you if you are feeling pulled to and even committed to making this a reality in your life next year. I have a sense this will fill very fast! Their customers on specialty programs like this exclaim that these are often one of the top 2 vacations of their lives, if not the top. 


In many ways this is a departure from my regular way of creating and running programs. It feels supportive of my body and mind, and yours. It is an answer to some of the questions of how do I take my work forward and make it sustainable for my body as well as igniting interest in people who’ve not previously found interest in soul work. What a privilege to get to work with a first class team of guides, to get to enter this wildlife preserve and interact with integrity, and to introduce YOU to the soulfulness of dialogues with the more than human world!

*Please know that though this is posted as an all women's trip, the Sea Trek crew will be all men! Lucky us, we'll be offered instruction and gear guidance by these wonderful humans, as well as being cooked for! 

nature soul mind in the water Baja
Its our nature Sea Trek soul adventure

COST:         $2299 ~This includes your first night (March 2) at the Tripui Hotel (double occupancy), all                    kayaking, most of your gear, tent, ground transportation to the Tripui and from the                              "take out" to Loreto on the 8th.  Your travel to and from Loreto, Baja, Mexico is NOT                            included.

DETAILS:      Your hotel for the night you come off the water (March 8) is at your expense.                                       Please do not plan to fly out until the following day.

CONNECT: Please email Jade before registering for a check in so that we both can be sure                                  that this program is a good fit for you! 

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