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Hallowed Ground

session 3 of

"Of Queens and Crones"

October 29 - November 2, 2019

at Juniper Well Ranch

in Skull Valley, AZ, near Prescott


For this profound session of "Queens and Crones" each participant will be invited to bring with you, a younger woman that is near and dear to you...may be a daughter or niece or granddaughter...or a dear friend who is not from your blood family but that you long to more deeply engage with. These 'youngers' will be invited at a reduced rate. During this intergenerational gathering of women there will be many opportunities for deepening between you.  Through experiences of moving together, wandering on the land and in ceremony in spiritually potent places, and in council, there will naturally be a kind of mutual mentoring between us all.  This is an extremely unique event that is likely to unloose some of the historical impingements that have developed in the body of our relationships and familial worlds.

Yes there is still room for you and we'd love to welcome your

radiance and wisdom into this circle!

This will be our final Nature Moving Women program of 2019.  We call "Of Queens and Crones" a series but you are not obligated to come for more than one...we do encourage you to come to all three if you can, but if not, your presence will be a gift whenever you choose to come.

For more information on pricing head over to THIS page!

Please give Jade a holler if you want to register so you two can make sure its a go!

There is a $250 non-refundable deposit for each program you want to register for, to hold your place.

You can either mail a check to the address in the footer or use PayPal or Venmo.  We ask that you either add 3% to cover their fees or use the "friends and family" option to avoid those charges.

Please use this email: for Paypal!


I feel we have to begin standing our ground in the places we love. I think that we have to demand that concern for the land, concern for the Earth, and this extension of community that we've been speaking of, is not marginal - in the same way that women's rights are not marginal, in the same way that rights for children are not marginal. There is no separation between the health of human beings and the health of the land. It is all part of a compassionate view of the world.

~Terry Tempest Williams

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