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The Ageless Spring


 "Of Queens and Crones"

July 23-27, 2019

at Ancient Springs Ceremonial Grounds

near Sedona, AZ

Let me allure you, woman!

Jade's meditative invitation - Jade Sherer
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“The unexpected action of deep listening can create a space of  transformation capable of shattering complacency and despair.” 
                                                                 ― Terry Tempest Williams  

                                         When Women Were Birds: Fifty-four Variations on Voice



This July as thunderstorms reign in the skies of the Verde Valley, a group of women who desire to say yes to becoming true elders will gather together at a very special ceremonial center to sink into the wellspring of our own sip it, taste it, allow it to seep into our bones so that we can return to our people, trusting that we do indeed have gifts worth offering during this time that is so in need of guidance and support for these arduous days.

Will you join us?

Jade and Delisa have, over 10 years of guiding together, discovered elegant and provocative ways of inducing change and inviting new ways of knowing ourselves through the mirror of nature, our own bodies in movement, other women going through similar life changes, as well as dreams, ceremony, and this time through a visit with a Huichol Medicine person. They are master space holders and create a field that is impeccably alluring.


          The Ageless Spring is the second program in our series for 2019, but you are not obligated to come for more than one...we do encourage you to come to all three if you can, but if not, your presence will be a gift whenever you choose to come.

For more information on pricing head over to THIS page!

Please give Jade a holler if you want to register so you two can make sure its a go!

There is a $250 non-refundable deposit for each program you want to register for, to hold your place.

You can either mail a check to the address in the footer or use PayPal or Venmo.  We ask that you either add 3% to cover their fees or use the PayPal "friends and family" option to avoid those charges.

Please use this email: for Paypal!



“This retreat series is so powerful, I’m a devoted returnee! the work has supported me through professional transitions and considerations of my next phases of life.”  ~Dawn Montgomery



"I have been a part of several Nature Moving Women events and each of these have opened my heart and challenged me to look deeply at myself and what my choices are around how I live my life.These events have allowed me the opportunity to do this work surrounded by, and inspired by other courageous women who are also looking into their hearts and souls.     As I have looked deeply I have learned to trust myself, to believe in myself, and to become the most authentic me that I can be." ~Barb Godwin


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