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Of Queens and Crones

. . . a Nature Moving Women series

"Already many weeks have gone by since “Ripening into Grace” at Juniper Well Ranch. I, all of me, still feels renewed and nourished in a way might better be described through poetry and music. I hum and dance more and I have the courage to feel more of everything: grief and love, sorrow and joy. I have said to those who asked,  that I finally found the path to living out the rest of my days in heart breaking surrender."  ~ Elfi Shaw 

'We live in deeply troubling times. The biosphere is collapsing, the economy is sputtering, justice is being trampled and the mania for more and newer and younger continues its siren song. To whom and to what can young people turn that might still yet stand in the face of this fierce storm?'  As I enter my sixties, I have found myself pointedly devoted to wanting to provoke the consideration of what it is to be an elder . . . specifically an elder woman, in these times. When I look around I find myself and many others confused and paralyzed by the paradox of what surrounds us.  It seems there are more and more elderly and yet true wisdom seems rare.  Few relish the idea of aging and some feel fear in their sense that they are, day by day, losing value and ability, and fading into invisibility.  Those that are in leadership positions in the world too often model an profound adolescence developmentally, as they attempt to meet the demands of what is at hand.

Perhaps you find yourself asking . . .

Do I qualify as an elder simply by reaching a certain age?

What are the qualities of a true elder?

What are the gifts I have to give and how do I more fully share who I am?

Is there something inside that still longs to be expressed and freed?

How do I find my sense of renewal and purpose?  

How can I, at every age, fully experience the sensual delights of living this life in this changing body?

Delisa and I will bring light to these questions through many modes of inquiry and creativity: through council circles where we listen to the experience and wisdom of each woman, through dance and movement play- where we explore our deep physical and emotional impulses, and through listening to the messages and wisdom of the natural world.  

"How do we show up for our nature? How do we grow up again and again to new phases of our life?"                                                                                   ~ Meredith Little Foster

"Of Queens and Crones" is a series of three programs over the seasons of 2019, carefully sculpted to entice women aged 45 and older to erode what masks their deep knowing and fiercely protective voices, in order to reveal their essential brilliance within.

At Ancient Springs Center, in the border lands of Sedona, we will be surrounded by land saturated in ancient traditions, be gifted by the medicine of the Huichol Indigenous people of Mexico, imbibe in the pure spring water rising from the depths of earth and flowing on this land, and many other assisting mysteries, we will dive in and find resources to bolster us to walk strongly forward for our young ones.


Delisa and I invite you to show your true faces in all your aging beauty to the world around you! Life itself may depend on it!!


For true change to be established in our psyche, we need time and immersion. For this reason we invite you to commit to yourself to discovering and claiming your own deep elderhood, by saying yes to being a part of the entire series...3 times in the coming year. That said, we know your lives are full, so you can come to any one, two or three gatherings!

Session 1:   "Facing Our Age": April 16 - 20, 2019 at Juniper Well Ranch over the Full Moon!

Session 2:  "The Ageless Spring":  July 23-27, 2019 near Sedona, AZ

Session 3:  "Standing on Hallowed Ground": October 29-Nov. 2, 2019 near Prescott, AZ at Juniper Well Ranch in Skull Valley

Part 3: Each woman is invited to bring a younger woman with you at a reduced rate for this last session.  We see this stirring of the cauldron of ages as a kind of culmination, a nourishing stew of mirrors and experience and a place to ceremonialize and bring witness to this work.

*You are invited to attend one, two or all three sessions!!


We have separated the costs into three parts due to differing housing options at Juniper Well Ranch & at Ancient Springs:

Guide fee: $695

World class organic meals catered: $400

Retreat Centers:

I will send accommodation options upon registering. The rooms will be reserved on a first come, first serve basis.

Juniper Well accommodations range between: $300-$450

Ancient Springs accommodations range between $400-$500 for 4 nights  

This brings a total per session to between $1395 - $1595

First come first serve on room options.

Costs for the younger women for third session TBD.

A non-refundable deposit of $250 will hold your place.

Our phenomenal catering team, Shell Closs and Roxy Runyan at "Radically Accessible Wellness," has a high standard for creativity and connection to the source of our ingredients. They are passionate about building a stronger food system in which nutritionally-based menu planning, food sustainability politics, local & organic sourcing as well as the addition of loving intention is the basis of their business mantra.

 It is a courageous choice to avail ourselves to this option for consciousness . . . to humble ourselves to a wisdom that lives deeply in our bones. With work, we can redeem it. 

Do not be duped to thinking elder hood is simply being elderly. No.  Having true elders in our midst is essential. An elder lives with purpose and is inspired and inspires by the meaning they find in their ongoing days even with the loss of their youthful bodies. 

Now more than ever, we appeal to you to wake up to what is deeply seated in you . . . the incorruptible . . . 

befriend it, and bring it forth for the younger ones . . . let us resurrect our fallen wisdom and

take our seat at the table..

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